Car projects

08/24/2009 19:20


  We have started our project for this unit. The students have choosen one of two problems to solve:

Stewart, a sweet mouse, has two problems:

  1. He needs to get away from a cat. It is a straight shot 10 meters long. He needs a car/device to get him from point A to point B. In the fastest way possible.
  2. He wants to be a race car driver and will need to develop a special car to ride on a 5 meter oval dirt track.

What is currently expected of students:

  • Students have choosen their groups to work in and should have sent Mrs. Hockman a link to their online journal. If this was sent to Mrs. Hockman it will be found on the website with the group name and team members. This journal should have an entry for everyday we are working in class.
  • Students are expected to use class time to work with their teams on the construction and testing of their device. A grace period was issued until Wed. the 26th to bring in materials. Starting on Wed. the groups will loose two points for everyday they do not have any materials. *Materials do not have to be bought and can be recycled from old items.
  • Rubric for the project can be found under unit one.