06/12/2009 09:25

 Click on the student's name to view their project.

Brittany Reynold's Photography

Brittany worked on her type three on photography. She took action and posed shots. Brittany did a fantastic job explaining to our 8th grade what she did,and how it effected her. She was able to create the website (click on her name above to see it) that provided examples of her work, and even allowed for future customers to see pricing and contact information.


Jayme Larson

Jayme is an advid poetry lover. She decided to expand and practice her knowledge of poetry. The end result is her website. Click on her name above so that you can access the finished product.


Garrett Hutchins

Gerrett is a huge fan of SpongeBob Squarepants the TV show, so for his project he dove into the underwater world of Bikini Bottom. Garrett researched all about the show. To see his power point click on his name above.



Samantha Fultz

Samantha wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up, so her project was based on this topic. To see her power point on pediatrics click on her name above.


Justin Beard

Justin has been affected by asthama all of his life. He chose to do his presentation on the effects of asthama and sports. You can see Justin's presentation (power point) if you click his name.


Taylir McDermitt & Bailey Jorden

Taylir and Bailey have a passion for music and dance. They were inspired by hip hop and created a dance performance using black lights to have the effect of 'floating'. They put black clothing under their white clothing to create this apperance using their understanding of how light, specifically black light, works. Click on their names to see their presentation.



Bridgette Smith

Bridgette is an advid problem solver. In her future Bridgette sees herself being a criminal profiler. Her love and passion for law and problem solving is addictive. Watch her presentation by clicking her name above.


Autumn Syfritt

Autumn is unique and has a great way to show her personality through her make up and clothing. For this project Autumn decided to focus on make up and skin care, very important issues to junior high students. Click on her name above to see her presentation.

Kate Sparks

Her love for comic books sent her on an amazing adventure through the world of Batman. She decided to focus her research on the Joker. If you click on her name you can see her amazing presentation on this fascinating character.


 Mark Yates

We have all seen them, card games. Our parents played them, and their parents played them, etc. They are portable and fun. Mark decided to focus his learning on card games. He learned 50 new card games on his journey of Type 3. To see his work click on his name above.

Kaylee Diebold, Alexis Encarnacion, and Megan Heinge

A passion for make up and hair design led these young ladies on an exploration of hair, make up, and nails. Their findings were presented through power point. You can access it by clicking on their names above. Here is the website as well


Brandi McVey and Bella Gabriella

These two girls wanted to learn more about the process and tabboo that goes along with tattoos and body piercings. The girls did research both on line and interviewing local adults. Their findings are insightful and useful to those that are thinking about body art. Click on their names to see their video presentation.


TJ Gorman and Nick Laffoon

TJ and Nick's love of yo yo's and old cheesy kung fu films meld together in their presentation about a kung fu battle using yo yos. This presentation was funny and inventive. Their yo yo tricks took them a significant amount of practice, and they faced many adversities (such as their string breaking). Click on their names to see the movie.

Bryson Martinez

His love of motorcycles and Newton's laws led him down a path to create a how to video that explains how to start and ride a motorcycle. Bryson's instructional guide will ensure you success if learning how to ride a motorbike. Click on his name to access the how to video.

Sierra Withrow

Sierra has always shown an interest in looking good, as all teenagers do. Sierra did her presentation on makeup design. Her power point can be accessed by clicking her name above.

Jasmine Brizuela Justice Sims, and Hannah Cluff

These three ladies love volleyball. They play on our Canyon Ridge team. Their presentation was a video and a website that they put together. The website was informative and insightful. Click on their names above to get to the website.

Yvonne Ramirez

Yvonne is an excellent expert in her field of karate. She recently earned her black belt, and works with students that are younger than her. She focused her presentation on karate. Click on her name to see part of her presentation, her website. She also presented many videos that she did demonstrating basic moves, as well as performing live for us.

Spencer Schroader

Spencer used this time to research more into his favorite video game. The result was a monatage of his time spent trying to get better at certain aspects of his game.

Alex Weidlein

Alex has a love of the old west. He decided to do his presentation and work on the comparison of movies depicting the old west and the facts. The result of his hard work was two power points and a youtube montage. Click on his name for the first power point.

Heather Swainston

Heather is an amazing photographer who is inspired by a number of famous photographers. She presented her sources of inspiration as well as her personal photos through a power point that can be accessed by clicking her name above.


Kari Sanford