Math Notes

05/03/2009 12:34


Unit1 TestA.pdf (76,5 kB)

Number Systems

Rational Numbers

    - have an end or they repeat

    - can be fractions and negative

    - can be placed on a number line

Irrational Numbers

    - numbers that have no end

    - numbers that can not be placed on a number line

    - examples would include pi and many square roots

Whole Numbers - are not negative and do not carry fractions

Integers - Are negative and positive numbers that do not carry fractions

Absolute Value - the distance a number is from zero

    l-9l = 9

Scientific Notation and standard form is a way to make really big and very small numbers easier to read. When an exponent is postive it is a big number when it is negative it is a very small number and the number IS NOT negative.

    1.7 x 106 = 1,700,000

    6.23 x 10-10 = .000000000623



Algo Write (August 13)

While shopping at kohl’s, Kamery needed to buy clothes for a job interview. She needed to buy a new shoes. She didn't have that much money to spend though (why she needs the job) so she needed to get the cheapest but nicest set of clothes she could. She went to kohl’s because it has lots of discounts. She was quickly overwhelmed and decided to pick out three of each article of clothing. She found three pairs of shoes, a red pair that was $29.99 and 15%, a black pair of heels that was $27.99 and 10% and a red pair that were fun at $23.99. If the tax rate in the state is 8% what would be the best option (cheapest) for Kamery.  


Answer this question in the form of a formative essay. Explain step by step how you would perform this task. During your essay show the math and explain what you did (pictures, charts, diagrams). Be sure to explain every step, the person that is reading your essay knows nothing about shopping and discounts. Inform this young mathematician on how you would perform this arithmetic.