Math Notes

03/25/2011 22:30

How I feel about math homework

Number Systems

Rational Numbers

    - have an end or they repeat

    - can be fractions and negative

    - can be placed on a number line

Irrational Numbers

    - numbers that have no end

    - numbers that can not be placed on a number line

    - examples would include pi and many square roots

Whole Numbers - are not negative and do not carry fractions

Integers - Are negative and positive numbers that do not carry fractions

Absolute Value - the distance a number is from zero

    l-9l = 9

Scientific Notation and standard form is a way to make really big and very small numbers easier to read. When an exponent is postive it is a big number when it is negative it is a very small number and the number IS NOT negative.

    1.7 x 106 = 1,700,000

    6.23 x 10-10 = .000000000623