Science Calendar

05/14/2010 10:35

Calendars 2010-2011.pdf (659,4 kB)- This is the entire year calendar for 8th grade science.

Lesson Plans- These are the basic lesson plan structures broken down by week.

week #1 Notes:Scientific Notebooking Presentation ISN/Safety (page 5), Identifying Variables (page 6), Newton's 3 Laws Intro. (page 7)

week #2 Notes: Newton's 1st Law (page 8), Newton's 2nd Law (page 9), Newton's 3rd Law (page 10), Application of the laws (page 11)

week #3-7 Notes: will vary

UPDATED Unit 2 Calendar  Notes and lesson plans will be posted ASAP.

week #8 Notes: Designing a Valid Experiment, Risk- Factor Analysis, are there corralations between science and warfare? (graph analysis)

week #9 Notes: Cause and effect relationships (How does science affect society?)

Week #10 Small Groups

week #11 & #12 Notes: Double Helix (Notes and videos on this can be found under unit 2 tab, science notes)

week #13 Notes: Risk Factor Analysis for the Creation of a board game, Comparing solutions