Website Tips and Tricks

02/10/2009 07:53

Our website is set up for students, parents, and teachers to be able to access our lessons and resources. Here is some hints on how to use this tool effectively:

  • Take a look at the calendar This tool is a map out of the entire year of 8th grade  2009-2010. If you want to know what is on our agendas for this week, month, or year this is where you can look. This is helpful for those students who miss school for any reason, and for parents who want to know what we are up to in the classroom.
  • Standards This section is categorized by the unit of study. In each unit the standards are broken down by subject area. These standards are directly from state standards that must be covered in the 8th grade year in Arizona. If you would like to cross reference them you can access all of Arizona's state standards through the department of education's website:
  • Units of Study The 8th grade team has worked together to develop units of study. These are series of lessons constructed under one essential question and with one end product in mind. This means that all of the classes will be talking about content relevent to each other for each unit. We have also arranged our class instruction to be student centered. This type of structure allows for students to guide their own learning through application of the concepts that must be taught. Student interests are evaluated before every unit of study, and units may be adapted according to the individual interest of the students in our classes.
  • Pinnacle Please utilize the online gradebook link. This will give you up to date information on progress that your student is making in the classes. Be sure to allow for all large projects to be graded within two weeks of the end due date, as some projects take longer to correctly assess than others.